Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling refers to a specific type of therapy primarily focusing on improving the relationship between individuals in a romantic partnership. However, couples counseling can also be quite effective in understanding what type of person your most suitable partner would be. The goal of couples counseling, which can be facilitated by a professional at Blue Chip Counseling and EMDR in person or online in Utah, is to assist partners in strengthening and enhancing their relationship by addressing the relationship parts that would benefit from development.

Couples Counseling Benefits

Couples counseling creates a foundation and a safe place that fosters openness, honesty, and transparency – critical components of a healthy relationship. Ultimately, its objective is to promote a more profound understanding and empathetic approach to each partner's needs, values, and personal objectives.

In the end, a stronger relationship creates shared long-term goals, increasing each partner’s commitment to the relationship.

More specifically, those engaged in couples counseling can learn -

  • Improved Abilities to Communicate and Problem Solve
    • Counseling helps couples learn enhanced communication skills, providing the ability to honestly and openly express their feelings and thoughts.
    • Additionally, counseling provides effective problem-solving techniques that apply to different facets of a romantic relationship as well as other relationships.
  • Better Conflict Resolution Skills
    Couples counseling offers each partner healthier and more constructive conflict resolution techniques by understanding each other's perspectives and implementing compromises that work for both.
  • Identifying and Changing Unhealthy Patterns
    Recognizing and reshaping behavioral patterns can help prevent unresolved conflicts from resurfacing unexpectedly – potentially disrupting a well-balanced relationship.
  • Rebuilding Trust and Intimacy
    Couples counseling can help couples rediscover emotional closeness and rekindle the intimacy they once shared as the process addresses issues of trust.
  • Provides Support During Challenging Times.
    Couples that face major life transitions – i.e., moving, loss, a new baby, a job relocation – may find these challenges can have an influence on the health and well-being of the partnership. In addition, this type of counseling can help each partner, on an individual basis, enhance their resilience to change and cope more effectively with life’s inevitable changes and events.

Contact a Team of Leading Couples Counselors Today

Couple counseling can enhance each partner’s overall happiness and satisfaction. Seeking professional counseling early on can address issues, prevent unnecessary escalation, and help to ensure the positive results you seek.  

For more information on the couples counseling options offered by Blue Chip Counseling and EMDR, reach out by phone or text at 435-553-8908 or online. Our counselors see Utah clients in person or online.

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