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Timandra Is Proudly Offering In-Person And Online Therapy In Utah, Serving Out Of St. George Timandra Fawson In St. George, UT

Timandra Fawson is a therapist specializing in individual and couples therapy, and maintains a private practice in St. George Utah. Timandra has lived in Southern Utah since moving here with her husband and 5 children in 2005. She enjoys the outdoors and close proximity to hiking, lakes and mountains. She enjoys riding horses, skiing, reading and movies.  She wishes she could sing and dance, but she can't. If quiet pondering were considered a talent, then that would be hers. Timandra enjoys getting to know people and has a talent for seeing the good in others and recognizing their worth and potential. 

Timandra has many years of experience working with adolescent clients and their families and loves to see the positive changes that occur when families begin to heal from difficult situations that have arisen in their lives. She is comfortable working with children as young as 6 or 7 years old and very much enjoys working with individual adult men and women. 

Since receiving training and supervision in the practice of EMDR, Timandra has been amazed at the positive benefits and power of the human mind to heal itself when provided with the necessary tools. Many people think that EMDR is only for people who have experienced significant trauma. She has found that EMDR can actually be extremely beneficial for treating those with depression and anxiety in general as the process helps clients to identify their own negative core beliefs and reprocess events in such a way that they are able to create new positive, healthy beliefs to replace those that have created problems in their lives. If you are interested in incorporating EMDR into your therapy experience she will be happy to find an appropriate way to do so. 

Depression and anxiety are common problems for people of all ages in today's society. In spite of the fact that these are widespread, Timandra understands how draining these emotions can be and that when it is you or a family member experiencing these emotions it is so difficult to manage. She loves to help clients develop new skills and approaches to combat these trial and move through them and back into the light. 

Whether it is an individual or interpersonal issues that is troubling you, Timandra will listen carefully to your situation and work together with you to find more peace, hope and happiness in your life and relationships. Rather than being the type of therapist that thinks she has the power to single handedly fix people,  she works together as a partner with her clients to help them develop a plan that feels right for them.

Timandra is a Christian and enjoy incorporating a spiritual dimension into her sessions for those who are interested in this approach but strives to make sure she is working in a direction that her clients are comfortable. She is open minded, open to feedback and appreciates when clients are direct with her about what they want or don't want in therapy.  She believes that our spiritual, physical, social and emotional health are more intimately connected than we often realize. Her goal is to treat the whole person for optimal lasting results and recognizes the importance of each person's unique role in their own family system. 

EMDRIA Certification

Insurance currently accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum, Educator's Mutual (EMI), Aetna, Select Health an United Health Care

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